Integration and Testing Services

Our integration facilities are designed to support component-level to full system-level integration and comprehensive testing of a broad range of electromechanical and RF SATCOM products. These include:

  • Multiple overhead cranes up to 2 ton capacity
  • Precision level platform for three-axis pedestal alignments
  • Dedicated work stations with full complement of hand and power tools and calibrated measurements devices
  • Custom design and fabrication of all alignment and test fixturing required for each program
  • Ample storage space to house and organize WIP hardware
  • Procurement and inventory system

Based on our own or the OEM drawing set, combined with our customers’ repair or evaluation requirements, we will craft detailed routers and work instructions. The instructions provide consistent and comprehensive direction during integration, and streamline the interaction between our engineering/technician staff and Quality Assurance personnel. The net result is a complete data set used to support the continuing operation of our products through continuous product improvement.

Our testing capabilities range from circuit-level probe testing to full system-level acceptance testing per OEM specifications. As required, we can develop custom test equipment to perform acceptance or design validation testing. We also provide workmanship screening both through our environmental chambers and vibration table.

The torque plot is a vital test of inertially stabilized antennas.  It is used to balance the antenna pedestal and indicate proper bearing preload.  The plot will also show bearing or motor degradation.  The torque plot below was generated from one of our BTP designed test stations.