Our Company

BTP Systems was founded in October 2003. Since then, we have built upon our many years of previous experience leading the creation and development of a successful enterprise that delivered numerous SATCOM systems. Our mission objective is to assemble a premier team of individuals outfitted with the core skills and experience that is unmatched by any of our competitors. BTP Systems has made a key decision to begin with tightly knit core competencies, then grow and adapt our services to our customers' needs. We believe that growing a company around our customers' needs provides the greatest opportunities for all parties. As a result, our team has grown from two to sixty-one members since its inception. This core team has the right attitude, experience, and strong desire to excel, the foundation on which we continue to build a first-class enterprise. A team that is fully focused on the success of our customers will always exceed the others' expectations, and is what separates BTP Systems from the rest of the field.

Our team's experience includes the management, systems engineering, design, evaluation, repair and manufacture (component fabrication, system integration, and system testing) of numerous U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force SATCOM terminals. Working to military standards, customer requirements, and/or internally defined processes will provide for a predictable end product meeting the highest quality standards. Program experience includes: U.S. Navy NESP, MDR, HDR, FOT, GBS and WSC-6 terminals, U.S. Air Force MILSTAR and GRT programs.