Overhaul & Refurbishment

BTP currently performs overhaul and refurbishment of nearly all US Navy EHF and SHF SATCOM antennas as well as Milstar Airborne and Ground terminals.  These services extend to other commercial SATCOM antennas for ships and aircraft.  A typical repair effort scenario first involves teardown, inspection and test (see our section on integration and testing) with an estimate to perform repairs.  BTP Systems proceeds with repairs once the customer approves a repair quotation.  With sufficient history, standard overhaul programs are often funded fully since the level of effort is quantified.  Some example repairs provided to return system to original performance specifications are:

  • Replacement of bearings and seals
  • Slip ring refurbishment
  • Replace worn/damaged electrical connectors
  • Repair failed electronic assemblies and components
  • Refinish paint and corrosion control treatments
  • Identify replacements for obsolete parts

Repairs are verified with electrical and RF performance tests with documentation provided to the customer.  Included in these programs are government owned repair parts inventories.

With little technical documentation, we have reverse engineered several systems and developed overhaul plans and procedures from scratch.  Please feel free to contact us about overhauling your system.