Portable Test Equipment

An important part of the production and repair of complex electro-mechanical systems is to ensure the system functions properly in it’s actually installation environment, whether it be onboard a nuclear submarine (SubHDR ), two-hundred feet in the air on the superstructure of a Naval Destroyer, under a 20’ tall Radome at a remote shore installation, or simply in a storage facility in Alaska.   In these instances and other cases where the system can’t be brought back to BTP Systems, BTP Systems will bring its lab grade test capabilities to you. 
Using the latest in portable test components BTP Systems will specifically engineer and design a portable test system that not only meets the requirements of your company, but also works best for the technicians that will actually have to use it.   Ease of use is second only to proper test capabilities when it comes to BTP Systems’ portable test equipment.
Whether your systems requires an external input of 300 VDC at 3A, an X-Band IF signal, or FPGA programming control, BTP can build the smallest possible source.  If your system requires all manner of electrical monitoring from current draw to RF power and spectrum analysis BTP Systems will design the best equipment configuration for you. 

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