RF Design

BTP Systems has over 50 years of combined experience in RF Design with many different active components and systems.  This experience includes an extensive knowledge of RF Simulation packages including AWR’s Microwave Office, CST’s Microwave and Design Studio, SONNET, ANSYS, Agilent ADS, and Cadence among others.  This experience has been used to design and produce both linear and non-linear designs including mixers, detectors, amplifiers and complete MMICs up to 77 GHz.  The engineering team’s design experience includes all aspects of the product development process from initial conceptualization, to design and prototyping, followed by manufacturing in a production environment.  The advanced RF Lab guides the design process as prototype components can be tested, improved and re-tested as required.  In particular the PNA enables creation of S-parameter files for individual components providing better integration through the simulation packages for system level evaluation of the design project.

Our newly designed X-Band, 100 Watt, solid state amplifier, shown below, is entering the design verification test phase.

Our q-band amplifier module is being integrated into a submarine platform.